Having trouble with caffeine or just want to quit?

Contact us:

P.O. Box 629
Hampden, MA 01036

We protect our anonymity. For more information, please come to one of our 12-step meetings. Caffeine Addicts Anonymous (CAFAA) holds free, open-meeting teleconference-style meetings every Thursday evening, Sunday afternoon, and Tuesday morning. Please see the home page for details.

Call 605-475-2875. At the prompt, enter the access code 1606875 followed by the pound (#) key.  For alternate call-in numbers during high-call volume, please visit the home page.

People living in countries other than the U.S. can call using a different phone number that will be local for them and will either be free or low cost. Follow this link  for alternate numbers for different countries. The access code is the same as above.

You can also join a CAFAA meeting via the internet:
1.  Go to FreeConference.com and sign up. Give yourself ten or fifteen minutes before the call to do this. Log in.
2.  Go to the Start a Conference page.  Once there, click the rectangular box that says Enter Access Code.  Enter our meeting pin 1606875#
3.  Click Join. You'll land on the How Do You Want To Connect Audio? page. Click on Internet and you're in!